How to Play Online Casino

3D White Computer MouseThe online world of gambling and internet casinos has positively exploded in recent years. First introduced online in the mid-1990s, online casinos started popping up everywhere, only to be gone in months, and sometimes weeks. Many of the earlier casinos took advantage of people’s inexperience with online gambling, and oftentimes just plain took their money as well.

After a bit of time, through different forms of international policies and regulations, and in some cases different countries’ legislation, the online gambling industry stabilized. Today, all online casinos must be fully licensed in their countries of origin and are held accountable to uphold and abide by the legislative and licensing regulations.

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A beginners guide to online gambling

The first step every beginner should take is to find a place that is both reputable and fair before starting the casino download. Many people who started out and have had experience playing in various online casinos will document their adventures, either through forums or review sites, and they are valuable sources of information for any beginner. Remember, no one likes to lose their money, especially if they feel they were cheated in any way, so word of mouth goes a long way in finding a reputable online casino.

People will always post their reviews, both positive and negative, about their experiences in online casinos, so beginners can be proved with a wealth of information from which room will be best for them, whether it’s a bingo room, poker room or casino.

Another important thing for beginners to remember. The odds always favor the house, whether it be online or in the real world. Each poker room automatically takes 2-3 percent off the top. That is called their “rake.” This money is essentially used for continuing operations of the online gambling website itself.

Most sites nowadays have either a downloadable software or a web version of their games. The web version in most cases is more limited, as online casinos much prefer a beginner to download their software. In most cases the software is safe, however check with the various forums and review sites to see other people’s experiences with the downloads of software.

After downloading and registering online, most casinos will have various deposit options, usually using a combination of major credit cards or other various deposit options. However, a beginner should definitely “practice” on the site first. Most of the online casinos offer play money to use for free. It’s an excellent idea to practice with play money for a while, so that each beginner can learn how to play each particular game, learn its wagering rules, the different odds for each game, the difference between regular and progressive tables, and beginners can also take the time to study up on different ways of playing that they’ll be comfortable with in the future when they start using real money.


Best Casino Site For Beginners is one of the most visited online casinos that also offer a sports book and a poker room. Since it is a trustworthy casino that has gained its good reputation over the years, it is a great place for online gambling. A casino fan will find everything he needs, from the common card games to some unusual entertainers. The site also offers huge range of unique features including tournaments, amazing bonuses and interesting promotions.

The Bet365 Casino allows you to simply enjoy the Instant Download Casino Games or if you prefer, you could opt to download the gaming software. The downloaded version offers more than 150 games while the instant play offers an impressive 80 games. Along with blackjack, roulette, slots and video poker, you can also try your hand at lesser known ones like Bonus Bowling and Keno. That’s another reason why Bet 365 Casino has a customer base of 4 million and growing. However, Bet 365 does not accept American players.

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Due to its vast number of customers scattered all over the world, Bet 365 Casino is offered in a number of different languages besides English. The site supports Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Japanese and Hungarian languages. The gaming software is from Playtech, so you can expect the best technology and graphics for a sleek online gambling experience. Payment and support systems are fully integrated into the software so you have no problems at all.

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, Bet 365 casino is the center of activity. When you join the casino and fund your account, your first deposit will receive 100% bonus up to $200 or equivalent currency. You have to wager the deposit and bonus twenty times prior to withdrawal. Other bonus offers include a goodwill bonus for the previous week’s activity or a certain percentage of cash back on specific days.

Regular members can expect plenty of player incentives. Each wager earns you ‘Comp Points’ which reward you with chips to play – the more you play online casino, the more chips you win. Besides, you can participate in special promotions that give away awesome prizes. Some time ago, a Mini Cooper was one such prize. Bet365 Casino also has a full schedule of tournaments for certain games like Blackjack, with a chance to win cash prizes. There are also great prizes for simply playing slots or roulette. It’s a good idea to check out the Bet365 Casino site to get to know of the latest promotions and incentives on offer.

Bet365 Casino has gone out of its way to simplify the banking processes. There are various deposit and withdrawal options that members can use to fund their accounts. The site also accepts various currencies like US, Australian, Canadian and Singapore dollars, UK Pound Sterling, The Euro,  Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, Indonesian Baht, etc. You can choose to withdraw at anytime; the payouts are quick and hassle-free.  Customer service at Bet365 is also top notch, with 24 hour support through telephone and email. Queries are handled professionally and quickly.

Undoubtedly, Bet365 is the most successful online gaming company which is a good and safe venue to play for real money as well as for some fun. With its trustworthy reputation and excellent service, you know your money is in safe hands and the payouts will be quick and hassle-free. Visit the Bet365 homepage:

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