Millions Of Dollars In Jackpots For Lucky Players

August 20, 2013 | by Beatrix | posted in News

Winning huge prizes from gambling

The ultimate potential of gambling is winning an amount of money that can change your life from a small bet. Players dream of winning millions of dollars from one lucky lottery ticket or from one slots spin, and although many don’t get lucky, there are some that get their dreams come true. In fact, there are several big jackpots that got claimed this week or are getting close to that moment and a successful gambling story is always nice to hear for other players.

€6 million lottery jackpot winner remains unknown

Millions Of Dollars In Jackpots For Lucky Players

One lucky winner from the Irish town Lahinch won €6,158,375 last weekend from a lottery. While the ticket was confirmed to be sold from a local store in the town, the winner is still unknown and hasn’t yet came forward to claim his prize. It is known that the ticket costs €4 and that it was a Quick Pick ticket purchased last Friday.

The shop owner declared he was shocked when he heard that the winning ticket was sold there since no other National Lottery jackpot winner came from the town. It remains to be seen who the lucky player is and everybody is eagerly waiting to learn the identity.

Man wins 2 lotteries in 2 weeks

For most players, winning a lottery jackpot is a once in a lifetime occasion despite the fact that most of them continue to play after claiming a major prize. However, a man from Arkansas managed to do something incredible by winning two jackpots in two weeks.

The first one was worth $250,000 and it came from the Natural State Jackpot draw game but Billy Bealer did not stop there. On August 13, he won another jackpot, this one worth one million dollars, by playing a $20 instant game. He bought the tickets from two different places in his home town Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and declared that after he used the first prize to pay off his bills, he will keep the million in the bank account.

Although the lotteries mentioned so far are local and the tickets are only found in licensed stores, players from all over the world can take part thanks to online lottery ticket agents. The ticket is simply purchased over the internet and in case of a winning ticket, the player will have to travel to the destination in order to claim his prize in person.

Jackpots over the internet

Since we mentioned one way to win millions over the internet, we also have to talk about the popular online slots that can have seven figure jackpots. The Mega Million jackpot was hit earlier this month as one lucky player claimed the €3.75 million prize by hitting the right combo.

Now, it seems that the next one to follow will be the Mega Moolah jackpot, which is now over $3.2 million. The last jackpot from this online progressive slot was claimed in May this year but it followed another jackpot from the same month, which meant that the prize wasn’t so impressive. Now, with almost three months since the last jackpot was hit, the prize is steadily reaching the figures that players got used to.

The biggest jackpot awarded by the Mega Moolah, also known as the Millionaire Maker, was claimed in December 2012 and it was worth $9.49 million. Of course, this one can also grow to reach such impressive numbers but it is believed that the winning combo will be hit fairly soon. Players can enjoy the game and the great looking African theme on a variety of online casinos and on the new HTML5 mobile platform that now allows gamblers to spin the symbols while on the move.

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