28 casinos closed in Mexico

January 4, 2012 | by Rodrigo | posted in Uncategorized

The Mexican Army closes casinos

Making a better country

Some military operations in the Northern States of Mexico have been taking place over the last couple of months, because of the insecurity problems and to try and diminish criminal activity in the area.  In some of these recent operations, 28 casinos in the States of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi and Coahuila were closed.  These establishments did not have the legal permits to be operating and these could be seen in many cities of those States.

Seven casinos were closed in Nuevo Leon, 13 in Tamaulipas, three in San Luis Potosi and five in Coahuila.  Twenty two other establishments were also closed in the metropolitan area of Monterrey and all of them were operating without the proper permits or illegally.  From these casinos, military personnel and federal officers took evidence and other information, which will help them to get the people who are in charge of these businesses.

Many of these casinos are used as laundering establishments for organized crime groups and this is certainly something that the Mexican government is trying to eradicate.  Some casinos are still open in these States of Mexico, but they are operating on very thin lines and they might be closed very soon as well.  Some legal debates have been taking place in the Mexican government, were some want to legalize casino activity both in real life and online.

Mexican citizens believe that legalizing this activity could reduce some of the criminal activity in the area and that it would also generate a lot of extra tax income for the local governments.  This could mean that there would be more funds for some programs and that it would be less likely that some politicians would require to corruption as a means of making some extra cash.

Some Mexican authorities are also trying to legalize other casino games, which could create an industry very similar to that in Las Vegas.  Mexico has always been an excellent country for tourists and casinos would be an excellent addition to this paradise.  Many experts believe that Mexican authorities are closing down those casinos that are operating illegally, because they are going to start passing new laws and only want those casinos that apply for legal licenses to keep operating.

Whatever the reason is for the government closing down these casinos, it is certain that they were operating under no law and this simply is not admissible.  Every country needs to have laws to follow, because this is the only way that civilization can prosper.  Some people in Mexico are looking for an online casino download, because they really enjoy these sorts of games, but do not like going to illegal establishments.  Online casinos could become legal in Mexico in the near future and these recent busts only seem to add hope to those people who want this activity to be legal in this country.

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