Having A Long And Profitable Online Poker Life

September 4, 2013 | by Beatrix | posted in Articles

Good luck is not so good

Online gambling can be a very interesting world to join and the success of the first few games can play an essential role for the rest of the sessions to come. This can be helped bonuses and promotions, something which the top online casinos have already mastered, in order to offer a jumpstart to new players. The logic is fairly simple – having a good first gaming experience will most likely lead to return visits.

Having A Long And Profitable Online Poker LifeIn a recent study presented by Skill In Games founder, data was taken from over a million players of one of the most popular casino games on the internet – online poker. In fact, poker is so popular that it is basically in a league of its own and the fact that it is a game of strategy in which luck still plays a pretty big role makes it the ideal choice for the study. The interesting thing that resulted from the presented data is that first-time winners have short lifespans, similar to the first-time losers.

The data focused on the first one hundred hands played by the users, comparing the profitability with the total number of hands played. Those that lost a lot of money during their first few sessions were also the ones that had the shortest average lifetime on the poker room. However, those that won a lot of money from their first hands also went on to have relatively short lifetimes.

The first side of the argument is quite obvious from different points of views. It takes money in order to play online poker and losing right from the start determines the players to stop. Having a bad experience right from the start also makes the game lose its fun element and thus one can associate poker with losing, which isn’t fun.

The other part of the graph shows that even if the players win big from their first sessions, they tend to not stick around for much longer. While they do last more than the ones that lost their funds right from the start, the first-time winners are nowhere close to the players which had mundane first experiences.

Luck is always an element

Luck seems to be the element that contributes to the player lifetime the most. This can refer to both good luck and bad luck according to the study that measured bad beats and low percentage situations that either worked out in favor or against the player.

The early losers experienced bad luck which led to them losing all their funds and thus cutting their online poker life short. On the other hand, the early winners experienced good luck and they still had a fairly short lifetime on the poker room. This makes luck the common factor on both sides of the graph, be it good luck or bad luck. The players that experienced common sessions were the ones that had the longest online lifespans.

While luck is an important element in poker, it doesn’t last forever and although some players got off to a good start, they gave back their winnings in a short period of time. Poker is a very complicated game and it has a huge skill gap that can cost a lot of money to shrink. New players tend to dive right into the tables thinking that they might just pull off a few big wins and reach similar success to those playing at the highest stakes.

The study also shows that players which rely the least on luck are the most successful in online poker. Having a good working knowledge of the game and using various strategies is what wins the pots in the long run, while counting on luck will most likely result in a swift loss of funds.

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