The Difficulties In Becoming A Pro Poker Player

August 12, 2013 | by Beatrix | posted in Articles

Bumps players need to take into consideration

Poker is known worldwide as a game of skill that has attracted many players over the years, especially with the internet boom. While it is a casino game and the element of luck is always present (and needed), it is hard to argue that poker isn’t in a league of its own and the many players that aim to make a living out of it have to face quite a few difficulties. At first sight, it looks very easy and the millions of dollars up for grabs at the highest level certainly make it hard to resist, but there are some things you will have to take into consideration if you plan on seeing poker as more than a simple game.

The Difficulties In Becoming A Pro Poker PlayerOf course, there are plenty of benefits for being a professional poker player but these are usually known a lot more while the difficulties are not as covered.

The perfect example in this case would be Jon Aguiar, a poker player who went pro in 2005 and is now looking to retire after having some impressive marks on his resume, including a WSOP bracelet. Just like him, many experienced poker players are looking for a way out of the game and the reasons they give can be quite surprising. While they see it as a game of skill and certainly have the experience needed to win at the table, most players that want to quit do it because they aren’t lucky anymore.

An important thing to consider right from the start is that poker and luck go hand-in-hand. It takes a lot of discipline and control to make sure that every slice of luck generates the maximum reward possible.

Bankroll management

Arguably the most difficult part when first looking to become a professional poker player is bankroll management. Right from the start, the amount of money invested into the game should not have any return value in your head. In other words, you should not make any plans with the money invested into poker since this will cloud your decision making while at the tables; it is just a certain number of big blinds. A strict bankroll management is the first thing that stands out from all the poker books and training sites that aim to help players better understand the game and it should not be overlooked.

Actually winning money and adding to your bankroll will most likely not happen overnight. It takes a lot of work and a lot of hours just to stay over the line, and even then, the results are not guaranteed.

Putting in the time

Poker requires a lot of time. Phil Ivey, considered by most to be the best poker player in the world, played poker 12 hours a day when he first started. While the internet now allows players to play a lot more hands per hour, putting in the time remains one of the main difficulties that prevent players from going professional.

The average level of poker skill is a lot bigger nowadays than it was just a few hours ago. Even micro stakes players are familiar with basic strategies and moves, which makes grinding the tables very difficult.

Results are never guaranteed

The World Poker Tour Cyprus festivities are coming up this week and many players say it is one of the easiest tournaments of the year and that it is filled with fish. Even if this is true and the field is not as tough as in other tournaments, there will still be around 300 players at the tables. Putting up €4,400 for a seat would seem a lot for most people and especially for a player that wants to go pro and requires a strict bankroll management.

The huge swings that poker players go through make it very difficult to realistically have any expectations from one month to the next.

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